Rode into town this morning… to buy my usual morning fare of crumpets, pork fat crisps, becel margarine, quail eggs and a bottle of lady Clairol dye number two for visual pleasure

SO…….. I am standing in line, ready to pay and lo and behold… one of the MENINTIGHTS was buying some horse shampoo and what I soon realized was an heated discussion with the owner of the fine establishment a Mister Luky U Guyy

Mennintight “ Englander, du Be don’t haben der righten shampoo fir mein harsh

Mr Guyy “ what you talking.. you see word.. say shampoo ok for evewebody you eben huse it on You head.. Under stlaw hat wrok gud.. you see 5 dolla
Mennintight “ ist nicht right.. should say Shampoo fir horse not betheren ich buyin heer last time it 4 marks.. nicht 5’
Mr Guy “ wot U sayin it costs LOT bhling frum China.. put on shelf.. shampoo use[e] for everyting.. people, dog, cat, everyting.. 5 dolla U go looke.. all store 5 dolla you go shliplard 5 dolla.. u ask anybody 5 dolla.. eben washe your car, ops sorry old wagon
Mennintight “ ya heathen… HORSE shampoo nict volk shampoo mein horse ist liken der strawberry shampoo and nicht 5 mark was 4 mark.
Mr Guy “ OHHHHH you not say stwawbarlly but dat shampoo donky not horse.. hoerse get all womantic with udder horse.. big trouble.. you not want donkey shampoo but if you clazy enuf to use is.. ok 5 dolla
Mennintight “ ya theiven 4 mark.. but Ich throwin a bag of peanuts….
Mr Guy ‘hokay hokay.. me give up… I take loss , mi family starve.. hokay.. keep peanut… 4 dolla 50
At this point the Mennintight blew a gasket.. three buttons flew off his shirt.. his face turned red and his hat seemed to go limp Mr. Guy says..’ hory carp..U ok.. ok ok 4 dolla ‘ the Mennintight grabbed the shampoo took a long swig out of the bottle and left with red strawberry shampoo dripping into his beard
Mr Guy.. looks up sees me and says NEXT PREASE

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