a thank you

I would like to thank, my Doctors for finally diagnosing what caused my three massive senses in orange walk a couple of weeks ago. I had no idea that I was allergic to mothers milk, banana’s, coconut, mango, peanuts, corn and flour[ gluten] and Splenda.
I have been on this planet for over 60 years and I had no idea… I called my mother and gave her hell for not having these things checked out in the 1950’s who knew?
I want to personally thank Doctors Alma au Natural, Aloysius P. Scrootim and finally DR. Alice Helen Bissonet. All these fine physicians gave me wonderful treatment at their naturopath practices.
I would also like to thank DR Bissonet for taking my call in the middle of the night when I thought I had contracted dysentery but foolishly was only going through the natural cleansing of toxins from my body.
I am so grateful that to ease any future sneezing systems that they have concocted a oral medicine for me and it only costs 200 Belize a week. I have been ASSURED that it will only be a year or so till I can wean off it to a maintenance concoction that IS ONLY 50 BZD A WEEK thank you thank you thank you.

And lastly a special tanks to Dr Alama for giving me a ‘relative’ discount with her brother in law the esteemed undertaker from Toledo district in the town of Bhoot hills, who buries you standing up, thus giving you a considerable savings over traditional methods.. thank you, the 20 % off coupon is tucked safely away.

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