napoleons penis

Strange day today….
I was walking in corozal town, minding my own business and a buy walks up, I knew he was a Guatemalan because he was wearing a blue hat. Anyway, he says.. ” gringo you looking for some artifacts huh maybe senor” Right away I was suspicious….so i asked him..”are you Guatemalan??’ He says” senor.. you offend me… I ham frum Honduras” so |I said…’ then what’s with the blue hat’
he says ” I ham een dis guys”
so I say “okay what you got” he leads me over to a rusty old ford Pinto, that says honk for hay zues! on a bumper sticker he tales out a screw driver and opens the trunk……
Gessus and his mother what a stink!!! I say..”man!!!! you are casing my olfactory some serious pain”
He says ‘NO my cosin he sleeps in da trunk”… okay.. “I look in and say show me what you got He takes an old moth eaten blanket.. slowly unwraps it , I am figuring JADE.. POTTERY, AXE HEADS.. A SHRUNKEN HEAD my hand s a trembling and he pulls out a box… he says ” dis haz been in MI familia for 200 hudrid year… I am force to sell ” I notice that the top of the box says.. contents not suited for human consumption… He opens the box… and there shriveled is an actual artifact , the Tupperware container was murky so I say.. “flip the lid ” he does and to my astonishment….. there , wrapped in a piece of brocade, with a fleur-de-lis on it was NAPOLEANS PENIS with a locket of Josephine’s hair wrapped around it and astonishingly three empty double bubble ..
He starts to cry as I fire up a cohiba and give him my Bruce lee stare down all the while making those chopsocky noises muffled and says ’10 UASS’ , I give him the ten and now I’m looking at it… figuring , heh if he conned me.. I can always use it for bait.

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